# Welcome to Jobly

Jobly is a sidekiq-based job server with a command line interface, web API and a web dashboard.

# What's in the Box

  • Command line interface - for starting the server, starting the worker, and for running jobs.
  • Web API - for executing jobs.
  • Web Dashboard - including job progress and status.
  • Remote Syslog Support - send output to Papertrail or remote syslog.
  • Slack Notifications - report job progress to Slack.

# Screencast

Enlarge Screencast

# Screenshot

# Interactive Demo

For an interactive demo, visit the Jobly scenario on Katacoda:

Jobly Interactive Demo

# Installation

Jobly is packaged as a Ruby gem, install it by running:

$ gem install jobly

Alternatively, you can download the the official Jobly docker image, or take a look at the Docker Compose Example:

Docker Compose

# Prerequisites

  • Ruby 2.5 or higher
  • Redis server