# Loading Additional Code

In case your jobs require additional functionality, you may create the ./app folder as a sibling to the ./jobs folder (configurable).

  • All ruby files in this folder (and sub folders) will be automatically loaded and available to your jobs. Note that files will be required in alphabetical order.
  • In case there is an app/boot.rb file, it will be loaded first.

# Accessing job helpers from custom code

Custom code that does not inherit from Jobly::Job will not be able to access some job features, such as logging and slack notifications.

To enable such access, you can include Jobly::Helpers in your custom code:

class Git
  include Jobly::Helpers

  def pull(repo)
    logger.info "pulling #{repo}..."

The Jobly::Helpers module is a shortcut that includes several helpers. You can include them separately if you prefer:

include Jobly::Logging
include Jobly::Slack
include Jobly::Shell
include Jobly::Settings