# Worker Configuration Example

This example makes use of worker configuration file in order to tell the worker to process two queues (critical and mundane) instead of the default queue.

Note that the same can also be achieved through the command line, without using a config file.

# Code

# config/worker.yml
:concurrency: 2
- critical
- default
- mundane
# jobs/critical.rb
class Critical < Jobly::Job
  options queue: 'critical'

  def execute
    logger.info "Running a critical job"
# jobs/mundane.rb
class Mundane < Jobly::Job
  options queue: 'mundane'

  def execute
    logger.info "Running a mundane job"
# Procfile
web: jobly server
worker: jobly worker --config worker

# Commands to Try

cd examples/worker-config

# Start the server and worker
# Note that the `Procfile` is defined to run `jobly worker --config worker`
# which points the worker to the `config/worker.yml` configuration file
foreman start

# From another terminal, send the jobs to the worker
jobly send Critical
jobly send Mundane